Join the fight.

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One of our good friends, Roxeanne Fetsch, was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. Since being in remission, she and her husband, Sean, started a non-profit that helps raise money for cancer research. They approached us for help creating their brand, marketing materials, and t-shirts.

The Double “F”

The two F’s create a strong wing-like structure which we thought was very cool visually. It also creates a sense of balance in a very unbalanced world.


The Dragonfly

Dragonflies have always felt special to us. If one lands on you it is extremely uncommon but a sign of good luck. Everyone needs a little bit of luck when diagnosed with cancer.


The Angel

Fetsch's Fighters represents an angel for others by raising money and continuing to fight for people who have also been affected by this cancer.


Overall: Hope.


Logo Design

Graphic Design

Merch Design


October 2018